15 January 2018

On Inactivity

It’s a big wheel, and it’s big as the world, and there’s no use in wishing the wheel were other than it is. So the first consideration is: don’t pour water into the sand—use your energies so that you achieve results.

There are the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s), and there is the seasonally driven spike in church music activity. And (to be clear) I am completely glad in it; it is gratifying to serve as a church music director whose efforts are appreciated by the choir and the parish.

And there can follow a recuperative lull after the rush of the holidays, and if there is a sharp frost, a tendency to nap rather than to push oneself to additional labors.

Then, too, in this recuperative period, the creative batteries are recharging.  And there is needed only the slight push of starting to get work done, to prime the pump.  Not to be daunted by the need to get Something Big done right away;  but the knowledge that gradual work each day, gets the job laid in.

Now, that fact is that I started composing this blog post on January the 9th, and almost a week has passed before even taking the blogging back up.  On the 9thI made a start on a quartet for two trumpets and two trombones, not for any urgent need (for sometime in the summer, I think).  And today, I made a formal start (created the Sibelius file, for instance) on A Heart So White, for King’s Chapel in April.

So:  quiet beginnings, again.

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