24 January 2018

Carrying on, as ever

This morning – at last, we might nearly say – I began to address the cl/pf adaptation of Nun of the Above.  I do believe I should make some registral adjustments, so that the right hand is not so nearly thoroughly underneath middle C;  and I can see some modest enhancements to etch in.  But overall, I want not to ‘over-engineer’ the piano adaptation.   The result will be a piano part on rather the simple side;  but of course, not all 21st-c. piano music need aspire to Finnissy (e.g.).

Will I ever play the piece as originally scored?  No knowing, no knowing.

Has the noble endeavor of Triad at last splintered upon the shoals of public indifference?  Let us hope not.

And in other reading today:

Spotify, from what I have found online, pays between $0.006 and $0.008 per play to the label and artist. 1500 plays works out to about $10.50.

All the indicators, then, are that if ever Henningmusick becomes a streaming commodity, it won’t exactly the composer’s fortune make.

A Nervous Romance. I was never crazy about Annie Hall, I quibbled with it here, there ... most substantially, I felt that the ending, the flashbacks to the good times with Annie, was a non-ending.

Revisiting it today, I wonder if the viewings of the past, when I thought poorly of it, I was too nervous.  Watching it now, less artistically wound up, I see the ending as the open-ended, wistful tribute of Alvy's. I permitted the movie to be itself, and I permitted myself to receive it on its own terms. There is much music, over the years, which likewise, I had to learn to leave be.

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