28 January 2018

Food Cinema Marquee

Bun After Reading

Raisin Arizona

The Fig Lebowski

2001: A Spice Odyssey

Berry Lyndon

A Clockwork Orange

Dr Strangeolive

The Silence of the Clams

A Family Pluot

Raiders of the Lost Okra

Citizen Kale

Midnight in the Garden of Food and Evil

Feeding John Malkovich

I Am Ham

Die Chard

The Fifth Condiment

Earth Girls Are Greasy

Mustard and Commander

Grosse Pointe Blancmange

From Here to Edamame

When Harry Et Salty

The Adventures of Bacon Munchausen

Twelve Mangoes

The Jerky

The Man With Two Grains

Driving Miss Dairy

Flan's Labyrinth

Kill Dill

The Good, the Bad, and the Arugula

Asparagus Now!

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