28 February 2015

Three or Four

The mind and heart settled, I find that Discreet Erasures is indeed finished. This project put me in mind of a very different earlier piece, composed for the Quincy Symphony Orchestra, and indeed composed long enough ago that I have only an old Finale file. Since I am going to need to put her a bit with the Sibelius file of the Discreet Erasures simply for parts management, I think that creating a Sibelius edition of The Wind, the Sky, & the Wheeling Stars will be apt preparation.

So, today I set to that task. I then had the happy interruption of being asked for some of my music for clarinet and organ. Last year I prepared the organ solo adaptation of the Op.77 Canzona & Gigue, but I did not yet follow through with a Sibelius edition of the original. This I have now done.
At least, I did already have a Sibelius file of the clarinet version of the Prelude on 《 Kremser.

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