13 February 2015

In short

Did I mention finishing the last of the Tiny Wild Avocadoes? And writing the second short cello-&-piano piece, a Valentine.

The great and repeated snowfall in Boston & environs has been rather a sustained disruption. Possibly, in normal circumstances, there had been time enough to prepare The Mysterious Fruit for its 15 March d├ębut. As it is, the piece being both substantial and demanding, there has arisen a need to consider reducing the piece, not permanently, but only in the interests of showing the piece off to its best advantage despite the trying conditions surrounding its inauguration. The author, with grace and dispatch, has proposed his own abridgment of the text, and I conveyed to the performers a schedule of the musical cuts thereby derived. A couple of the seams, I shall need to re-compose.

There is a rehearsal today, so we shall hear what we shall hear.

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