20 February 2015

Return to the Erasures!

It has me feeling a little artistically reckless, but I have resumed work on Discreet Erasures.  This (unfinished, obviously) orchestral piece I began no later than 1999, at which time its title was Barefoot on the Crowded Road. I am only guessing that I had about one and three-quarters minute's worth done back then.  I took it up again sometime in 2009, re-titled it Discreet Erasures (possibly reflecting some revisions I made at the time?) added perhaps one minute of finished music, and then a minute and a half of ostinato accompaniment, with a loose idea of what I planned for the foreground, never at the time notated.  That was possibly because I felt I wanted to modify the ostinato in some way.

So, today, the first thing I did was, discover how I want to modify that ostinato, and I like the result (very well, in fact).  This evening, I think I shall discover the foreground . . . .

— Ah, yes, the most important question, we might almost say:  How long will the final piece be?  I forget what exactly (or approximately) what I had in mind originally.  With the foreground added, the as-yet-completed trunk will be a bit more than four minutes.  Seven minutes for the finished piece?  Maybe I'll find myself cooking . . . ten minutes?  Let's say somewhere between seven and ten minutes;  when I write the end, the piece will be done.

What a crazy adventure!

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