13 October 2014


Good news from my Wooster classmate Barry Coleman, who is working on a new Holy Week anthem for my choir.

Concerns about the character of In the shadow of the kindly Star can be addressed in part, I think, by modification of the pitch-world (mostly the violin) . . . and I think that a fine idea, on its own merits.

A bit of a whirl, thinking of what to have the choir sing these coming two Sundays. It was suggested to push Lord of the Dance out a week; but the lively character of the piece is at odds with the memorial aspect of the 2 November service. What is more, the handbell choir will certainly be ready to ring the piece for the 26th. Clearly (meseems) the thing to do is, just teach the choir the piece in quick order.  The tune is familiar, the arrangement is not difficult: we can do this.

For this Sunday coming, I think an easy refresh of our "in-house" arrangement of I Want Jesus to Walk With Me will answer. This, then, is just the occasion to formalize the arrangement with a Sibelius file. My mission this week, then, is chopping this out, and also to get In the shadow of the kindly Star in good shape . . . although, with the "rush" to bring Lord of the Dance to order, I suppose that getting the kindly Star on the handbell ringers' stands on Sunday the 26th should be soon enough.

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