18 October 2014

Galerie de la nuit

As to the third season of Night Gallery, I've come around;  and while the dogs of the series remain canine, I find many of the non-Serling stories in the third season as good as almost any.  Still waiting to watch the first season.  I am glad that I started actually watching the show, before I read a certain remark by one of the show's chroniclers.

His larger point, that Night Gallery has in some circles suffered short shrift, in unfair comparison to The Twilight Zone, is reasonable.  He goes a bit far, I think, in his derision of the lesser episodes of Twilight Zone.

I don't think he can have it both ways.  That is, I don't think he can selectively disregard Serling's expressed negativity about the later Night Gallery, and yet take Serling at his word when belittling some of the Twilight Zone episodes.

Well, finding the right balance is so often the challenge, isn't it.

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