04 October 2014

The day done

Marked handbell parts for The Snow Lay on the Ground, an activity which always surprises me with how much time it can consume.  But it's worth it, to have the music ready for the ringers.  And we shall ring it at rehearsal after church tomorrow morning.

Practiced my three pages of The Mystic Trumpeter.  (My part is longer than three pages:  it is just that there are three pages which require me to practice.)  There is a measure here, a measure there, which I either manage to play right while Evelyn and I have rehearsed, or which I have faked through briefly without losing time, and recovered completely;  but they have not, as a rule, been consistently right.  Of course, out of respect for the singer's assiduous practicing, and for the piece's sake, I should do better, and will.  Some more practice tomorrow and Monday, and I shall have it solid for Tuesday.

Also played through just what everyone was expecting.  This is every bit as much fun to play as I had reckoned on.  A few bits which I do need to practice, but this initial run-through went easier than I (erm) expected.

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