03 October 2014

Chiefly about Snow

The task of arranging The Snow Lay on the Ground for my choir and handbells, and our children's choir at Holy Trinity, and violin, has been a most delightful project. It was not ready quite in time for our choir rehearsal last night; but I have now printed out copies. Last night's rehearsal was only our second chance to work with Sweetest Ancient Cradle Song, and there are some ways in which we approached it with more boldness last week. In principle, I am morally prepared, if the choir feel that the piece is withal too ambitious, to set it aside. However, I do honestly think that the piece is within our abilities; and we have (if anything) more time to prepare the piece than did the choir who sang the première.

Very excited about the condition which The Mystic Trumpeter is in, as we approach the concert time this coming Tuesday. Peter and I will rehearse Après-mystère on Monday ... And thus the concert will prove to be our finest effort yet.

I need to write the piece which I promised, for handbell choir and violin;  once that work is done, I can resume The Mysterious Fruit. I had a very nice introductory conversation with Sylvie, the marimbist for the latter.

And now that my B-flat clarinet is in proper working order again, I can begin practicing just what everyone was expecting. Frankly, I wrote the piece for another clarinetist, not necessarily caring if it was quite a piece which I should play. That said, I am excited to approach the piece and I am not at all intimidated by it. I don't know: perhaps, if I were a little more sensible, I ought to be intimidated by it. But since Olivia is game to do the piece with me, I am on the contrary determined to conquer it.

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