15 October 2014

The day that was

Well, and I have just enjoyed a particularly lively 24-hour musical cycle.

Yesterday morning, Paul Cienniwa sent email apprising me that the First Church Boston choir's performance of Love is the spirit (at the services which were part of the American Guild of Organists convention this past June) made a favorable impression upon the organist and music director at Church in Wayland, Massachusetts. And that said director has purchased copies of the motet from Lux Nova, and is planning to have her choir sing the piece on 26 October.

Yesterday's instalment of arranging things in Atlanta in November yielded an additional performance of the Irreplaceable Doodles, date still to be determined.

Scribbled a bit on the bus ride home from the office. Finished my proper arrangement of I Want Jesus to Walk With Me, and then quite easily modified that file so that we have a no-frills version for my choir's use this week.

An email message came in yesterday evening from Pauline herself, inviting me to sing in her Wayland choir for Love is the spirit.

An email message came in (or, rather, I read it) this morning from Heinrich at King's Chapel, and it is just possible that his choir may sing I Want Jesus to Walk With Me

And this morning, Pauline confirmed my participation in the Wayland installation.

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