18 April 2014

The temporary unattachment of 121

Op. 121, that is.  A few weeks ago, I began sketches for an unaccompanied clarinet piece for this slot.  While that work was yet in progress, I wrote (quickly, quite quickly . . . probably within a 24-hour period, stretching overnight) the trio for low brass, Le tombeau de W.A.G.  The following day or so, I arranged Le tombeau for a k a rl h e nn i ng Ensemble scoring of alto flute, clarinet, double-bass and frame drum;  and in that form we shall play the piece on the 6th and 7th of June.  These two scores are Op.122 and Op.122a, respectively.

As events have transpired, I have decided not to pursue the unaccompanied clarinet piece;  I may or may not use the material for another work.  Have not yet decided what next to write . . . maybe this, maybe that other.

I may begin by arranging an alternative scoring of Misapprehension, a piece which I had hoped would be be played this academic year.

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