17 April 2014

Morning memorandum

So to be clear (because even as a joke, you hardly "honor N.'s memory" with the crack "don't quit your day-job"), will you play the [piece] or not?

I have a group of different scoring who will play the piece in June; so while your comment indicates that, for whatever reason, YOU do not care for the piece, I have musical colleagues (whom I hold in even higher esteem than yourself) who perceive its musical merits.

As to your "joke" about the day-job: there is one person I've known here in the Boston area who, for nine years, impressed me as being probably the least tactful person on the planet. Your "joke" has let him off the hook completely.

Finally: let me do you the courtesy (for old time's sake) of taking your joke not as scorn, but at face value. No, I do not foresee quitting the day job, for which I am grateful, as it helps me to support my family, and allows me the freedom to write whatever music I please, for whatever reason I please (such as a memorial piece for N., which you refuse to play at the concert in N.'s honor). In our day, unless your name is John Adams or John Williams, a composer does have some other means of keeping alive.

But I'll tell you something: in 50 years, the music dictionaries will have an entry for the composer Karl Henning, and his substantial catalogue of original musical work. And in 50 years, no one will have heard of, or much care about, [name of group].

Thank you for taking the time to seriously consider my piece.

Best wishes,

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jochanaan said...

Ooooh, Karl's in a snarky mood today! :)