30 April 2014

The readiness is all

This morning, before I had yet ta'en three sips of my coffee, I found that a colleague on Facebook had posted a call for new music. Pow!  Submitted both the Pierrot-plus version of Counting Sheep (or, The Dreamy Abacus of Don Quijote) and the original duet form of just what everyone was expecting. Aye, another arrow I've shot into the air . . . .

Last night, not only did I bring the Sibelius file for ... illa existimans quia hortulanus esset .... up to date with my sketches, I added a brief recapitulatory phrase; and now, ready to forge ahead with co-opting the unused material from the unaccompanied clarinet piece which was not meant to be for the Bill Goodwin memorial event. (They're good notes, no call to leave them begging at the door.)

And, very nearly confirmed that the New Bedford Symphony Chorus may sing the women's choir version of the Alleluia in D as part of the pre-concert lecture on 10 May.

Now and then, thoughts steal upon me for the Sanctus and Gloria, but they aren't quite where I want them. I am not "worried" that I am not "getting the Mass done"; when the ideas are right, they will find me.

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