23 August 2012

When least expected

First of all, I probably have my friend Lee to thank. We had exchanged email messages earlier in the evening yesterday, and I hinted that such a thing was possible. Even at the time, I had a mental flash that I was setting up a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I knew that I should feel quite tired, getting out of the museum. But the composer also knew that there is only negligible effort in opening the notebook, and casting a glance over both the score so far, and pages of sketches.

The apparent benefits of being tired were that I felt under absolutely no obligation to get anything done, and I was relaxed. So that when I did put pen to paper, I composed freely. Indeed, it was a thought which came to me completely fresh; but inspired by a couple of measures which I had already composed. So the new passage has the twin virtues of complete freshness of expression, and organic unity with what is already composed.

Indeed, the new passage strikes me as quite likely the best part of the piece so far. Which seems to suggest that I ought not at all to be shy of trying to compose under such circumstances. Even more, I see myself in future much more really motivated to just do it.

Fresh off the train

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