11 August 2012

At it some more

Scribbling a bit on the N° 134 bus, more "pre-score" puttering for In the Artist's Studio. Found a pitch-level at which I like how the basic 2-voice canon works out. (Two tries last night on the train yielded what I consider duds. I don't think this is a train-VS.-bus thing, though.)

I also sketched through an idea which occurred to me last night, and pretty well like the result: an augmentation of both rhythmic profile, and of successive intervals.

In the shell of a nut, I am remembering (honoring the recollection in activity, is better put) that if I get even just a hair bit of work done, each day — and a good many days I shall do a great deal of work more — then after a month or two of the persistence, of living mentally in the score, and the accretion of actual work on the page … in no more than two months, I can have even quite a substantial score not simply finished, but in a state which does the composer not the least discredit.

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