08 August 2012

Remembering Mr Mayurnik

Word just in that our beloved music teacher from Union School (sister Kate informs me, one of only a very few teachers who taught all seven Henning children), John Theodore Mayurnik, has shuffled off this mortal coil.  I found a wonderful snippet from his college newsletter announcing his senior recital;  will post a pic anon.
No easy matter finding traces of him in the ether!  But there is this fascinating snapshot:
John Mayurnik from Waldwick NJ (14 Nov 2009 response to WQXR blog post, Your First Classical Concert in New York)
I had been attending concerts with my parents since early childhood. My first one in NY was a piano recital by Mora Lympany in Carnegie Hall in 1957. By the way, I was there at the famous Bernstein-Gould performance of Brahmss 1st piano concerto . Quite a night. Gould out with the full score and there was a glass of water on the piano that he would sip during tuttis. There were equal bravos and boos at the end.

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