13 January 2012

This can be no coincidence

The musical instrument motif certainly waxed strong in this (’68-’69) season of The Avengers.  Last night I watched “Take Me to Your Leader” (an episode that comes in for especial vilification at certain websites, but no matter), which featured a chap with a clarinet rigged with a knife (I should like to see the mechanism for that prop . . . or maybe it was done with cuts [in the editing]), Tara playing (miming, of course, but decently) a bluesy trumpet lick, and Steed not at all succeeding in making anything like a sound out of a euphonium (when Tara tasks him with the fact that she’s seen one in his flat, he explains that it’s for holding flowers – brasswind-playing friends of mine, you didn’t just read that).
Of the three Tara King episodes I’ve seen thus far (and quite apart from all the musical bits/references) I actually like this one best.  I suppose I shall need to watch more . . . .

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