16 January 2012

Genesis of a quartet

Had dinner with Paul C yesterday, lots of good news.

At the end of February, Paul will play the Three Short Pieces (again! — you see, modest as these pieces are, wonderful that here’s an organist who keeps them in his repertory).

And he will have the ladies of the FCB choir sing the SSA version of the Alleluia in D.

We talked a bit about Sine Nomine (the choir who did such a splendid job with the Passion) . . . not news from last night, but Sine have settled on what they want to do (what they do best) which is High Renaissance . . . no particular plans for a return to the Passion, then (though you know that the conposer is apt to keep the hope alive, even on subsistence rations). But, says I to Paul, “A couple of weeks ago I had an idea of asking you if I could write a short anthem for Sine.” Could happen — or, even, will happen, just a matter of timing.

To the end of bringing stars & guitars back to the public . . . this Wednesday past I rang Peter H Bloom, and in the very nick of time: he took the call at the airport (he was about to fly back to Boston) — so, yes, we two spoke at the last moment before he becomes incommunicado over the flight. He said that he is glad to be on board for the revival of stars & guitars. (Yes, this is a most fortunate composer.) Timing is extraordinarily good . . . he and Mary Jane Rupert will be on tour from 26 February to 4 April (and then traveling again somethng like 11-15 April) . . . so (a) they are available for a 17 Apr concert date in The Town of the Pulse, and (b) they will be in mid-season form.

I then called Mary Jane, and I left voice-mail — and she got right back to me. She’s on board, too.

And, for the new quartet to be, Dan Meyers has also returned to me . . . and so Henningmusick will ride again.

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