18 January 2012

And furthermore

As Jackson stages it, Sam has no time to take the Ring from Frodo, whom he takes for dead: he hasn't freed any more than Frodo’s wan face from Shelob’s webbing. The effect, when Sam comes to rescue Frodo from the orc tower, and Frodo despairs — “They've taken everything, Sam!” — is of a cheap conjurer’s trick: Sam has got the Ring! Poof!

Okay, started watching The Two Towers, more balderdash.

Treebeard hastily (!!) mistaking the hobbits for orcs is jaw-droppingly wrong, on many levels.

That Éomer cannot assure Aragorn that there were none but orcs that his men killed, is more butchery on Jackson’s part.

That the scene of Gandalf restoring Théoden should be staged like an outtake from The Exorcist is appalling, a vile low even for Jackson.

Alas! so much to object to, already, and it feels like the movie has only just started…

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