28 August 2018

Well, only kind of crumpled

Though we seemed dead, we did but sleep. . . .
– Montjoy, Herald in service of the King of France in Henry Fift

Postcards from Dead Squirrel Trail

Thank God I live in a city where nobody looks up.
– Jeff Bridges as Jack Lucas in The Fisher King

It is not really of general interest to relate that my flight landed in Boston at Zero Hour Monday, and (Monday being a workday, and all) that I made it through the day on four hours’ sleep.  But, it was a “crumpled kind of heroic” exploit.  (“Crumpled kind of hero” courtesy of David Ossman in, In the Next World You’re on Your Own.)

The Aim:

A Heart So White finished, or just-about-finished, by Tuesday, 4 September (id est, by the end of the holiday weekend).

The Plan:

Some work each weeknight (better than dips), and substantial deep dives each day of the 3-day weekend.

This seems to me eminently feasible;  I remember the heavily productive Labor Day weekend of ’15 when I composed the lion’s share of From the Pit of a Cave in the Cloud.

And:  now I do remember that I am to play the Voluntary on Beautiful Savior on Sunday the 9th.  Glad that the thought occurs to me.

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