09 August 2018

The downside of solitude

But, though I love solitude and am never in want of subjects to amuse my fancy, yet solitude too much indulged in must necessarily have an unhappy effect upon the mind, which, when left to seek for resources wholly within itself will, unavoidably, in hours of gloom and despondency, brood over corroding thoughts that prey upon the spirits, and sometimes terminate in confirmed misanthropy–especially with those who, from constitution, or early misfortunes, are inclined to melancholy, and to view human nature in its dark shades.
– Washington Irving, “The Little White Lady”

Six years ago on this blog.  “Sometimes I surprise even myself.”

Although I have (merely as a possibility, not as a genuine hope) wondered if the delay in the ACO announcement might mean that Ear Buds is still in some kind of running . . . I had a lovely catch-up phone call with an old friend yesterday, a fellow composer, whose thesis is, the decision has been made, and the delay is a discourtesy to all the composers whose work has not been selected.  (This is the 25th day of Non-Information.)  He is probably right, but I shan’t spend any time in grievance over such a discourtesy.

This morning, reading the text more closely for the Rapido! contest, they advise that a decision will be announced “by August 15,” which holds out the chance that word may be sent earlier.  Honestly, simply on time will be nice, and will compare favorably to peers.  Chances are good that they will be truer to their stated intention, since the four regional chamber ensembles will need to prepare the music for recitals in the fall.

(Then again–unless those dates, too, are fungible–the orchestra for the ACO call is expected to read the selected piece in September.  I.e., less than six weeks from today.)

By mere chance, my thoughts this morning returned to both Jazz for Nostalgic Squirrels and Thoreau in Concord Jail.  The former deserves, probably, an improved performance, although I do not have any especial strategy for arranging a fresh performance.

As soon as I typed that, though . . . .

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