02 July 2018

What became the sand dance

[ 2 July 2016 ]

The one-minute piece for flute and harp (for the Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame call) ... I may title Another Erratic Adulterer.  I think I may enjoy that musical caprice before settling in to earnest work on the trio (Oxygen Footprint).

. . . and, a little later that same day:

The duo who are commissioning the pieces specifically want dance (or, dance-inflected) pieces, so that title will not do, I don’t think.  So we have instead sand dance.

This was one call where I heard absolutely nothing from the group, nor from the program, after my actual submission.  (Just an observation.)

Rather a philosophical question:  Is it better to hear nothing, or to receive the explicit No, thank you. . . ?  It can break either way.

The sand dance, as I consider it now – unlike Out From the Unattanded Baggage, likewise a 60-second piece composed for a Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame call, but one which is quite complete as it stands – will actually expand into a somewhat more substantial piece quite easily.

But I don’t know if this is quite the time to see to that.

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