03 July 2018


Listened to the entirety of the Bach b minor Mass, from start to finish, today. Yes, I've done so before, but I'm jiggered if I remember when. Herreweghe and Collegium Vocale Gent. Exquisite. An especially angelic Sanctus.

Don't know who wrote the score, but I watched "A Private Little War" from season 2 of Star Trek.  (An episode I waggishly dub, "The Lady Macbeth of Planet Neural.")  And "The Immunity Syndrome" (not really a good title for the story, a nagging voice inside me objects). Granted, I don't know how much of this is thanks to reengineering (and still praiseworthy, if so) but the sound design is fantastic, really drives the story of "The I. S."  There were (the mischief-maker in me noted) "Peter Gunn triplets" in the dramatic second act of "A Private Little War."  Zeitgeist.

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