31 March 2018

Another workaday post

Good and productive — as always, really — rehearsal with Peter yesterday, of both the Gresham Miniatures and the Leichtling Bárðarbunga.  We shall build upon those gains with another rehearsal this afternoon.

Some while ago, I was introduced (via email, so perhaps introduced needs to be in scare-quotes) to a talented young euphonium player, to whom I sent music, upon which his intense level of activity prevented him from remarking to me.  Or, it may just have failed to make any impression.  This sometimes happens.  I was reminded of this musical powerhouse yesterday, and so, Why not? I thought — I took the brass version of Down Along the Canal to Minerva Road, and swapped euphonia in for the trombones.  And what a delight to receive a prompt response.  So, indeed, there may be hope.

It will be no more than half an hour’s work, but today is the day to mark the handbell parts for the “Ode to Joy” hymn for tomorrow morning.

Workaday, did I say?  No, it is more.  I am learning how good for the soul a three-day weekend is.  The first day is necessarily “lost” to the need to rest, recover from the energy outlay of the workweek just concluded.  So on day 2, I awake properly refreshed in the morning — but the morning belongs to me (and thus, I was able, while essentially coasting, to address the new Op.149b arrangement) because my church duties are deferred to the third day.

There is hope.  But I need rest, apparently, in order to be alive to it.

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