07 September 2017

Past & Present

[As to the decisions I faced then (eight years ago today), what if that almost magnetic repulsion was all in my head?]

First HTUMC Choir rehearsal of the new season, this evening. The search for a new (and a finer) organist goes on; we have capable subs slotted in for this month and next, meanwhile. Our first on-duty Sunday is the 17th.

Many of the anthems which I have scheduled for September & October, we have sung more than once before; so there is a lot of rehearsal I can do which is just singing the part along with the choir. For my “torch song” version of I Want Jesus to Walk With Me (which we sang the last-ish Sunday before the choir disbanded for summer), and for Allen Webber’s arrangement of Come, Thou Font (on a tune which is not St James’s Air), I will have MIDI piano which I can play from my phone, via bluetooth, on a portable speaker. (No, but really.) We shall see how it goes.

Looking ahead, we may or may not be able to  mount a Christmas concert this year. If we find as able a musician as we intend, and as soon as we hope, even a new colleague installed as late as the beginning of November might be expected to manage. Against that hopeful possibility, I should start to assemble concert material this evening.

There is also a Plan B, in the form of a harpist whom I may recruit. Or, perhaps the concert should be a hybrid of Plans A & B.

Let me ponder ....

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