03 September 2017

henningmusick: Time Past (Chicago & Time)

henningmusick: Time Past: The second Chicago song I ever remember hearing, is “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?”

Ironically, the very first Chicago song I ever remember hearing, is “25 or 6 to 4.” (A song whose title betrays a concern with what time it is.)

In part, we might consider the art of Musical Composition as the management of Time.  Management of, but not necessarily obsession with.

Triad rehearsals are soon approaching, and I may possibly be conducting a score which I have yet to see.  It’s all good.  It will (would?) be the second piece I conduct on the concert, and this will (may?) be the first Triad concert on which I conduct more than one piece.  (Considering the two numbers from the Kenlon piece I conducted on an earlier concert to be two-fifths of a single piece.)  In the interval this morning between meeting our substitute organist, and the service itself, I shall study the first (sole?) piece I am sure to conduct.

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