04 June 2017

Four out of five

Finished (probably finished) the fourth movement—Ambiguity & Overlap (Something or other, if not something else entirely)—yesterday afternoon. I must have been re-charged by the vacation: I had not touched, in any sense, the fourth movement since 17 May, and yesterday I just wrapped it up.

I already have a sketch started up for the fifth movement.

The Plan:

1. Finish the Clarinet Sonata
2. Decide whether or not to do an orchestral version of Ear Buds
3. Get back to work on White Nights, and finish by year’s end

The new music choral ensemble Diamonds From the Dust gave the première of I Want Jesus to Walk With Me (this is version 3) last night in Worcester; very well received.

1 comment:

Doug WB said...

I think I like this, but maybe I don't . Most probable I do. Good work Karl can't wait to hear it.