06 June 2017

Trio Lite

On Facebook, every now and again there will be an alert that someone has looked at the page for The 9th Ear. Over the latest “Triad weekend,” Charles Turner indicated that he has noticed, as well, and it has surprised him. (There has not actually been a 9th Ear event for almost three years.)

Parenthetically, a chap here at the office is part of a sort-of-jazz-ensemble which has had an online presence (YouTube, e.g.) for some years, and the cumulative hits have by now resulted in a kind of demand for them, and they are getting gigs. So there is no reason to suppose, just because The 9th Ear have been dormant all this while, that they’re dead.

Charles has spoken of doing something in the summer. On the chance, I have composed a new piece for clarinet, guitar & double-bass, a mere bagatelle really, called Nun of the Above.  I finished the piece on 15 April.

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