27 June 2017

Sonic appliqué

This began as the Pavane for handbell choir.

Also, the battery in the Microtrack recorder failed at last;  there was no easy way to replace the battery;  once I made the decision to replace the device, there was no obligation to get another Microtrack;  so I wanted to test-drive the new Tascam.

For this project, I did not use the performance of the Pavane in Sunday's service, which was the best take of the piece; but instead "upcycled" a rehearsal take, i.e., a recording which would now serve no other purpose. The result of various superimpositions and modifications, was a 12½-minute Take 1 track, with which I was fairly well pleased. Somewhat provisionally. I wondered if I did not want more “bottom” in the texture.

Earlier in the day yesterday, then, I thought about what I wanted, as “remedial counterpoint,” and when I got home I readied the Tascam, and my blue translucent recorder.  I listened to take 1 on headphones, hit the Record button, and improvised vocalizations, and a few bits on the recorder. For good or ill, I did it “in one breath,” and in a single take.

I added that new track as a layer to the mix, and made modifications here and there.  There are harmonic felicities between the bells and the air columns which are not chance, but musical (I shall hope) improv.

Today, now, it’s fun & games with Rossini.

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