05 February 2017

Karl’s Anthology of Alternative Literature

  1. Elgar’s Enema Variations
  2. Janáček’s Catalytic Mass
  3. Britten’s Rejoice in the Clam
  4. Ives plays Fenway—Three Bases in New England (courtesy of Joe Barron)
  5. Puccini’s tender Madame Butterball
  6. Debussy’s hesitant Prelude to an Afternoon on the Phone (courtesy of Barry Coleman)
  7. Puccini’s La Spatula del West
  8. Joh. Strauss Jr.’s toe-tapping Beautiful Blue Banjo
  9. Haydn’s illuming The Cremation
  10. Mozart’s probiotic Don Chobani
  11. Wagner’s Tristan und Ebola
  12. Messiaen’s primal Ourangoutangalîla
  13. Boulez’s immovable Le marteau sans Métro
  14. Bartók’s refined Miraculous Margarine
  15. Reich’s Music for Eighteen Beauticians
  16. Glass’s mesmerizing Coin-Operated Chotchkie
  17. Cage’s well-planned Sonatas & Interludes for Prepaid Piano
  18. Copland’s devotional Oblation Spring
  19. Jn Adams’s fishery-conscious On the Transmigration of Sole
  20. A truly different train—Pärt’s Caboose in memoriam Benjamin Britten


Unknown said...

Recently heard a reference to "Flight of the Stumblebum" by Rip-ze Korset-off

Anonymous said...

Douglas Hall Redux!