19 November 2016

The To Do List

Mark handbell parts for Morning Light (actually, no use having these in the folder before 4 Dec . . . hopefully, not too late, then: concert is 11 Dec)

Reflow pp.9-10 of vocal score of In dulci jubilo (for choir rehearsal 22 Nov)

Have a tentative Christmas Concert order to review/revise with Anne (tomorrow morning)

Sit in on Oxygen Footprint rehearsal (12:00 today)

Arrange New Year's Carol (for choir rehearsal 22 Nov)

Report for Triad concert I (18:00 today, Cambridge)

Learn how the MIDI voices are invoked at the organ at HTUMC (sometime soon)

Try to pin down a venue for the 24 March concert

Report for Triad concert II (18:00 tomorrow, Somerville)

Re-score In dulci jubilo for Dan (by 1 Dec)

Harvest video files from the Triad concerts and return video equipment to Peter (before Thanksgiving)

Prepare CD of Henningmusick for the radio interview (by Saturday 26 Nov)

Compose the percussion solo for Mistaken for the Sacred (ASAP, considering)

Finish cleaning up the vocal score for the Schulte Exaudi me (within two weeks of the present Triad concerts)

Arrange Things Like Bliss for clarinet, harp, harpsichord (probably after the Op.141 and Schulte tasks)

Resume second movement of Symphony (when the dust has somewhat settled)


Cato said...

Many thanks for the work on that one piece! :)

jochanaan said...

"And miles to go before you sleep..."

Karl Henning said...

Well, I did take a nap as soon as I got home from the office today ....