23 November 2016

What has been happening

The Holy Trinity United Methodist Church music program has been in steady preparation for our Christmas Concert on 11 December.  Additionally, I have kept busy in the following ways:

Kammerwerke performed the piece which they commissioned from me, The Young Lady Holding a Phone in Her Teeth, Op.130, on Friday, 18 November in Bedford, Mass. It was my honored pleasure to rehearse them and to conduct the première.

Ensemble Aubade performed the première of Oxygen Footprint, Op.138 in Stamford, New York Sunday afternoon, 20 November. They invited me to their Saturday rehearsal, and they enjoy my full confidence; and the report is that the piece was very well received.

We had our latest Triad concerts (our fourth program already, not counting the Nono outing) Saturday and Sunday, 19 & 20 November.  We sang the concert première of my Song of Remembrance, Op.123, originally written for the Framingham State College Chorus.

Monday evening, I whipped up a simple arrangement of a New Year’s Carol, for our choir rehearsal last night; this will be the last compositional work towards the 11 December concert (and we'll also have the use of it the morning service of January the 1st, since New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday).

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