10 March 2014

Growing pains of the quartet

The piece now known as I see people walking around like trees originally had a very different working title, and a fine title, too, which I shall use for some other piece hereafter, but it was not a title which was at all suitable to the Allegro non troppo music which started to take over. The piece is a follow-up to the 2011 trio How to Tell (Chasing the Tail of Nothing) . . . and so I wanted to use more extended-ish techniques for the flute, and wanted to use more sounds of the frame drum. The piece being thus all about color, I investigated suitable extended techniques for the double-bass with Charles Turner's assistance.

All that is fine & groovy. This weekend I worked my way to the end of the piece, but the piece is not 100% done . . . probably 98.5% done, only the ending needs a little something. Probably not much, and so the key is, not to meddle, not to make change for the sake of the need to adjust, but to keep quiet and listen for the subtle (probably) alteration which will make the ending work as it ought.

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