25 March 2014

Changes, only not really

Had another productive rehearsal yesterday evening (and we've another tonight). The quartet came together quite readily, and we are already at the stage of repeating fairly solid takes, and letting it set.

The trio (which I wrote a few years earlier) is a more demanding piece. We're making good, steady progress (and we have ample time). One decision we made, collectively, early on, is that the tempo marked for the beginning is too fast for the reverberant space of King's Chapel. We've settled into a tempo which serves the music better in that acoustic, and at which it is less vexatious to rehearse the piece. And in fact, 1) it is probably about the tempo at which we played the première (and the piece is more solid, even at this early stage, this time around); and 2) we had a go at playing the entire piece last night, and even at our "relaxed" tempo, the duration fits well.

Separately, I've decided to have the handbell choir accompany My Lord, What a Morning. And I have tomorrow evening to wrap that up.

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