10 February 2014

Pre-Alleluia rehearsal

[ Thu 6 Feb ]

Taught the choir three manners of chant, which they learnt quite readily:  a metricalized version of Divinum mysterium, which I had arranged for choir unison and handbells, and which will be essentially ready whenever my bell ringers are;  Richard Proulx's arrangement of a Russian Orthodox Liturgical chant, a setting of the Beatitudes, in four parts;  and a chant version of the Lord's Prayer, also in four parts, found in our hymnal, which the Pastor has desired to make an addition to regular Sunday worship.  The choir took to them quite readily.

Then, rehearsed my Alleluia in D;  still a bit of stickiness near the end of the middle e minor episode.  Need to iron that out, but the piece is quite largely ready.  I offered the choir the option of postponing the Alleluia in D another week, but the general feeling seemed inclined to press ahead for this Sunday.

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