16 February 2014

Op 119 № 1

First, there was the snow to remove from the car (less snow than we might have expected, and cold dry snow which is easy to remove, so lucky on two counts), and I made my way to church, where Charles Turner and I performed his arrangement of Come All Ye Mourning Pilgrims, a lovely adaptation of a shape-note piece.

Then, home for a spot of hot tea; and now I think I may have finished The Crystalline Ship, and I am only awaiting word from the poet before I send the piece to D'Anna Fortunato and Peter H. Bloom.

So, what next?  The quartet for April, Dysfunction & Outright Extortion, and then (probably) the Sanctus (which will be inscribed to Heinrich Christensen) and the Gloria (to Nana Tchikhinashvili).  Somewhere in among those I am also scheming a trio for clarinet, mandocella and bass.

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