05 February 2014

Dinkum Divinum mysterium


My original draught of the arrangement of Divinum mysterium for unison choir and handbells required 25 bells, which might require up to 12 ringers. I have at most 11, and one of this tale of 11 has gone on vacation — all of which is to say that 25 was probably impossible. However, the loss of four of the bells actually clarified some of the chord voicings

So: 21 bells. The three lowest of the bells are actually quite readily managed by a single (strong-armed) ringer; and two of the higher bells are used quite seldom. With judicious distribution, the tweaked arrangement is readily manageable by 9 ringers, who are all given a reasonable amount of employment.

I did want to get this wrapped up, so that I can have the choral score in the folders for tomorrow evening's rehearsal.

Now, to mark out the bell parts for the bell rehearsal after church this Sunday . . . .

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