25 February 2014


Good progress on the April quartet, and my "focus group" have responded warmly. I hope to finish (or to get close) tomorrow.

Thanks to Paul, who found an orthographic anomaly in Plotting, and as a result, we've agreed on an altered note...a fleeting musical instant, the difference discernible only to Paul & myself...and to that listener in the distant (not to say, unforeseeable) future who will listen to the piece at least five times.

Mild disappointment with some of Slava's Prokofiev symphonies...more detail to follow. I still enjoy the recordings, the music;  but I find a few of the choices questionable.

Enjoying greatly the Levine/CSO recording (from the 90s) of the Prokofiev Opp. 25 & 100. Also: the box of Pierre Hantaï....though Doctor Bull's Good Night more than half sounds like an elixir...and I think the faux interview with Telemann impossibly twee. (I should have liked proper notes, really...I'm trying to think better of Telemann.)

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