18 November 2013

At last! What transpired the first week of this month!

High time there appeared a What I Did on My Vacation post.

First, lots of Counting Sheep (or, The Dreamy Abacus of Don Quijote) . . . got the Sibelius file of the new arrangement done; and then got the Sibelius file of the original sextet done.

Made a good start on a new percussion ensemble piece, My Island Home.

Had to stop work on the percussion piece, because the system upgrade pushed to my notebook resulted in the loss of the spiffy Sibelius 7 sounds library. My Island Home was sounding like a 70s video game, and we none of us could face the sonic horror.

Finished the clarinet-&-marimba duet, just what everyone was expecting.

Took the (for the most one-entire-year-old) MS. of the Credo, and plugged it into Sibelius. On doing so, discovered that I had somehow missed one phrase here, one entire line there; and thus came about the first fresh composition on the piece for many, many months.

Compositionally, that was it; and since in fact I also spent the greater part of the vacation flat-out relaxing, I am pleased that so much musical work got done.

This past week was re-entry into the work routine, and was quite predictably exhausting. But a good dose of rest over the weekend set me up at last for some fresh work, and I've now started the violin-&-harpsichord piece, Plotting (y is the new x).

Looks like I should see to a bell choir arrangement of a dulcet Christmas carol, too.

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