16 October 2013

Scattershot survey

Okay, what have I been doing, which I haven't blogged about?

Finally sent movements two & three of the Organ Sonata to Paul, who is soon to return to duty at FCB from his sabbatical. (I had sent him the first movement before his sabbatical started, and he responded positively.)

Had a go at reading the Canzona and Gigue with my new organist, and we decided to reserve them for a later occasion.

Got the Lux Nova edition of the SAB version of Bless the Lord, O my soul prepared at last. Through nobody's fault but mine, that phase of production sat around half-finished since 2009.

Sent both the "noisy" I Look from Afar (with brass, timpani & organ) and Sweetest Ancient Cradle Song for Dan in Iowa to look over. No knowing yet if he'll actually have use for them, but it's a reasonable possibility; and honestly, it feels good just having a respected fellow musician look at the scores again, after all these years.

And making gradual progress (at least even the one short passage per day) on the "Pierrot-plus" ensemble version of Counting Sheep. The piece sounds no less smoking in the new scoring. In the midst of the process, I am finding myself more creatively applying percussion.

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