01 February 2013

This and that

Music does not have to be understood. Music has to be listened to. – Hermann Scherchen
The Kyrie will go on!  Sunday the 10th of March.  It is nearly time to return to, and finish, the Credo . . . .
Thoughts turned to the Finzi Eclogue for piano and strings this week. The very first time I heard the Eclogue on WCRB, I thought it signally lovely.  Then, with each passing week, I would happen to be tuned to WCRB in order to learn that it was one of a number of pieces that they played two dozen times every week, whether we need it or not; and quite naturally, I got fed up with it.
That all said, I have at times thought (though have not been in any hurry to act on the notion) whether enough time has passed that I can hear the piece without WCRB prejudice, again.
I'm honor bound to ask this question: Is there anyone here who does not wish to be a member of Her Majesty's Navy? – James Mason as Captain of the Lady Edith in Yellowbeard, looking after the career interests of the pressees
The Mozart K.550 came up in conversation recently, and I marveled anew that the Development of the first movement slides, with all apparent ease, into f# minor, works by a sequence down to e minor . . . and all in a movement whose home key in g minor. What tonal impertinence!

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