12 February 2013

More thoughts on the Jail

In a way, this is the piece I thought I meant to write with the Studies in Impermanence . . . a piece where I try to apply the Feldman method. The Studies quickly went elsewhere, and became their own being (even if the initial Feldmanic impulse was still an important germ). For a couple of weeks, I've been living with Triadic Memories. Of course, one thinks, I have a better idea, now, of how to enter this chamber . . . and (knowing how I was a bit mistaken on that point in the past, or perhaps at some level I really wanted to write something otherwise with the Studies, at the outset) I've had something of an auditor's eye/ear out, to stress-test the result. But this does feel settled into The Zone.

Of course, Triadic Memories is an 80-minute piece, and I am only responsible for (say) 25 minutes. (Nor do I know quite how I, or anyone, should play an 80-minute unaccompanied clarinet work.)

Got more work done on the train. I am finding the piece (probably not surprisingly) a sort of compositorial meditation.

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