31 July 2012

A lark, really

I just learnt to-day that a flautist whom I follow on Twitter was calling for scores, and that the deadline is — to-day.

Now, I am certain that this was not the first time she announced the Call.  But until quite recently, I was on a kind of composition sabbatical;  and chances are that my glance fell upon the Tweet of Call, but I thought, Interesting, but not for me, as I am not composing at present.

Well, I saw the Call (as I say) to-day, and I thought, Why not?  Well, but the deadline is this very day, the Voice of Reason indicated.  The spec is any piece less than ten minutes in duration, I countered.  Could not I write a brief piece in the space remaining of this day?  I supposed that I could.

I suppose that I did.  Maybe my piece will not be selected — well, that could be true even of a piece I might spend a week, or a month, writing.  But perhaps it will be selected.

Let me state for the record that I think it a fairly good piece;  and that if, coldly looked at, the piece struck me as unfit to bear my name, I should never have sent it in.  Without making any claim that it is The Great Unaccompanied Flute Piece of the 21st Century, I do think it a piece worth playing, and worth the listening.

So: we shall see.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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