29 July 2012

Done again

As I reported to my buddy Lee, I feel roughly 96% certain that These Unlikely Events № 5 is done.  The idea for the ending (while it does spring from the earlier material) came to me while ringing some postcards at the cash register of the MFA gift shop.  If one is alive to the Muse, she'll whisper to you wherever you may be.

So, if indeed № 5 is a wrap (near enough, really) all that is wanted is for me to find the MS. of № 4, so that I can plug it into Sibelius, and then These Unlikely Events will be completely clear of my desk.

Sara in Nashville is such a sport to have read the cello part of the Sonatina, that she is shaming me into following through on an old promise to send her music for her string quartet.  For ages, I have entertained the likelihood that the three-part suite for cello ensemble in four parts, It's all in your head (not that that's a bad place for everything to be) should adapt readily for regular string quartet.  I shall start stress-testing this theory with adapting the middle piece, Marginalia, this afternoon.

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