13 October 2009


At some point, I should write a flurry of a finale, to follow Heedless Watermelon and All the Birds in Mondrian’s Cage. The overall Opus 97 will probably go by the workaday title Duo Sonata for Flute & Clarinet.

In keeping with the first two components, I am concocting a title first, and finding the music afterwards to fit. I’ve been listening again to Remain in Light, so part of the title will be either Swivels & Bops or Bounces & Hops.

I had in mind a parenthetical subtitle. For a day and a half I was kicking around (The Illusion that Everything Feels Fine) . . . but I only half-liked it. Too clunky, potentially whiny.

Today, I discovered the much more elegant (Illusory Euphoria).

Now that the ossia trumpet passages are done for The Angel... and the parts are done (save for a possible typographical tweak or two) for It’s all in your head (not that that’s a bad place for everything to be) (which is still my working title for the three pieces for cello ensemble, Opus 96), I am thinking music for a piece I have long promised Maria, for clarinet, cello & piano.

Now that I know a cellist, Maria has become quite insistent.

I’m taking some MS. paper with me on the bus tomorrow.

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