25 October 2009

First tea on Sunday

The Atlanta event is taking clearer shape, a promising venue has been found.

Trying to arrange for a new airing of some of my Christmas music. No one said it’s easy.

I should really enquire after a performance (unscheduled last I heard) of Bless the Lord, O My Soul here in Massachusetts (west of Boston). (Of course, so very much of Massachusetts which is not Boston, is west of Boston.)

Turns out that it’s JS Bach who is the reason I haven’t heard yet from my cellist. The bewigged bully.

And Paul Cienniwa is taking this program down to New Bedford for a second concert later the same day. Two Henning performances on the same day (different events): Is the world ready?

Discreet Erasures ticker: 49mm / 1'50 at 12:00 AM Sunday, 25 October

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