22 September 2009

Waiting for the hard drive to be defragmented

I don’t normally take the train home in the late afternoon, but yesterday, I did; and as a result, chanced upon an old friend and fellow instrumentalist, Eric Dewar. Eric played trumpet in various pieces written for the First Congregational Church in Woburn, going back near ten years, I suppose; a couple of pieces also included his wife, Greta, a bassoonist. Very pleasant to catch up with him.

Close to the end of the “Emma Peel Megaset” of The Avengers. In the last couple of episodes, the scoring has been a bit more apt to allude to snippets from the literature. The scene for “Murdersville” is a quiet country village, and the apt echo there is material soaked in the brief introduction to Vaughan Williams’ Fantasy on “Greensleeves”. An episode or two earlier, there was a solo flute quietly ruminating on the four-note descending motif from Stravinsky’s L'oiseau de feu.

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