17 September 2009

Possibly the only post on this blog ever to include the word 'zombies'

Last night, I finished reading the book in the BFI series on Night of the Living Dead.

was good. Detail:

1. I enjoyed reading the book.
2. I got the impression that I know the movie
(reasonably), without the inconvenience of watching it.
2a. “Inconvenience,” in this case, because I don’t think I’d
really enjoy watching the movie.
2b. Others may enjoy it, and I am delighted for them (it would be a funny world if we all liked the same things).

3. In general, I read rather guardedly when there is a lot of verbiage about a movie (as I do when there is verbiage about music).
3a. Especially, I tend to be suspicious when there is a lot of high- (or even mid-)
falutin’ philostofy about what is, at the end of the day, a 90-minute movie.
3b. Made on a low budget.
3c. About zombies.
3d. In a western Pennsylvania farmhouse.
4. That all said, see (1.) above.

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