04 September 2009


Facts just twist the truth around.
Facts are living, turned inside-out.
David Byrne (Talking Heads),
Crosseyed and Painless from Remain in Light

And the first one said to the second one there,
I hope youre having fun.
Paul McCartney (Wings),
title track from
Band on the Run

Isnt it just too damned real:
One white duck on your wall.
Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull),
One White Duck from Minstrel in the Gallery

Write what you want to write, for whatever reasons please you.

Not every poll is obliged to embrace unlimited possibilities.

Tim the Enchanter famously misidentifies The Rabbit as a rodent.

Some Arte Nova cut-outs came in at the shop, so I fetched in Andrei Nikolskys recording of Rakhmaninov:

c# minor Prelude, Opus 3 № 2
Preludes, Opus 23
Sonata № 2 in b minor, Opus 36
Variations on a Theme by Corelli, Opus 42

Bus and rebus

Lettuce doesnt kill: Rabbits do.

Cant hear you with those acorns stuffed in your cheeks!

In your dreams, Moonbeam.

First listen to this recording:

Symphony № 4 in A Minor, Opus 63

Helsinki Philharmonic

The second movement (
Allegro molto vivace) has more a graceful lilt than I am used to. Very nice character. There was sort of a “startled oboe” tone at one point near the end of the final movement (he recovered for subsequent phrases). The performance on the whole has such character and is of such fine quality, that I readily forgive these momentary lapses of reed-dom.

“You just made a ‘yummy’ noise . . . .”

After I Add Band Members, I shall be 47% complete!

Pity there are no Band Members to Add . . . .


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